Pave a better path for your children with MyPath™.


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If you, like many people, dream of living in a country that ranked #1 on the happiness index and has quality public healthcare look no further than the North American country, Canada.




plan your path

But dreaming isn’t the same as doing, and getting there, while not too complicated, requires careful planning. It’s always easier to emigrate or study abroad when you have a clear plan of what career you want. The best way to figure out what you want, and how to get there, is to let MyPath™ guide you.

The three most important questions any young person wonders about on the cusp of beginning their lives are:

MyPath™ works to not only help you answer these questions but to fulfil them.

How we help

MyPath™ will determine, through science- and data-backed methodologies, the right college and the right career for you – and then will build and create the right path to get you there.

Although Canada has ranked #1 for the best quality of life, understanding the lifestyle can be difficult for outsiders. MyPath™ doesn’t only match you to the right college and career, we help climatise you to a new way of living, ensuring you’re never ripped off, alone, or lost. For us, living is not just surviving, it’s about thriving.

And we’re in the business of building lives that thrive.