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Verde Camilla Parmigiani


Verde Camilla Parmigiani is an Italian Vegan Luxury Specialist. Founder and owner of Vegan Set, the first website about vegan fine dining.

Born on Lake Como and raised in Brescia, she attended the Foreign Languages and Cultures for Tourism Management program at the University of Verona. She has worked in the hotel industry for many years as a ‘Sales and Marketing Manager’, ‘Assistant General Manager’ and ‘Deputy Director.

She created Vegan Set in 2016, intending to show that a vegan lifestyle can be synonymous with luxury. However, as a vegetarian, she struggled to find hotels and restaurants that could provide vegan options to meet her vegan gourmet needs. So she created ‘Vegan Set’ an online guide to the best vegan friendly hotels and restaurants.

Then the project expanded, and now, thanks to her experience in the hotel business, she helps hotels create unique plant-based experiences. In addition, she supports luxury vegan brands in promoting their values.