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Why choose MyPath™? We’ll help them get there.

Want a better life and opportunity for your child? Are you concerned about costs and the right career for your child? Does it all seem overwhelming?

Leaving home

As parents, we all have the same goal for our children: we want to create a better life for them than we had. Often, that means our children have to leave our homes for an education and a career in a different country, where opportunity is plentiful.

Our children leaving home is never easy, especially when they depart to a land beyond the control and safety parents work so hard to build. But we know, having a better life often means taking risks. At MyPath™, we work hard to mitigate those risks for both you and your child – kind of like the uncle abroad who’s there to guide you along this journey.

The right career

Not only will MyPath™ determine, through research and data-backed methodologies, the right college and the right career for your child – we will build and create the right path to get your child there. This ensures that no money is wasted on a course or programme your child doesn’t want or won’t be successful at, saving you money in the long run.

We use leading immigration law professionals to demystify the visa process, which is a minefield of scammers and complex information parents need to understand.

Although Canada has ranked #1 for the best quality of life, understanding the lifestyle can be difficult for outsiders. MyPath™ helps to acclimatize their students to this new way of living, ensuring they’re never ripped off, never alone, never lost.

Paving the right path

MyPath™ is not only the rightpath, but it’s the safepath, for your child, for your nerves, for your wallet, and for you.

The four problems MyPath™ solves for parents:

  • Removes fears of the unknown and reduces costly mistakes made.
  • Gives the comfort of ‘an uncle’ who scouts and ensures student has smooth entry and soft landing upon arrival.
  • Provides assistance with the visa process for students, which is a minefield for parents to understand.​
  • Ensures parents get best value for dollars spent.